EasyPier software Features

Comprehensive Features

Please find below some of the main features of EasyPier. Feel free to request a personalized demonstration, or log on to the demo version by clicking here

  • Graphic Marina Interface Marina

    Marina Chart is the fast and easy way to control ALL main options of the your daily work, from a graphic interface and with a simple click you will be able to modify or create a new reservation, look at a client’s account, move boats, etc.

  • Recurring fees Marina

    Setup your customers with the option to create recurrent invoices (weekly, monthly or yearly, for example) of any or all services (slip, members fee, supplies, etc.).

  • Long stays, membership
    & “ownership"

    From the reservations module, you will be able to manage transient reservations (rates, supplies, invoicing, etc.) AND you are also able to EASILY manage long stays or “ ownership” fees, again with the option to choose type of invoicing (invoicing at once, monthly, every 2 weeks, etc.)

  • Task Schedule Shipyard

    The Shipyard module manages all type of boat movements (drydocking, launching, etc.) and any type of task or service (boat cleaning, refit, diver services, etc.). Fully integrated with the invoicing module, avoiding duplicate information. EasyPier adapts to the way you work.

  • Shipyard task Shipyard

    Enter drydocking, launching, slip movements, etc. directly from the Marina Chart. Add invoicing services, observations, and whatever document or images you need. This allows to schedule the tasks referred to before and CONTROL status at all times.

  • Courses and subscriptions Sailing School

    Manage efficiently your sailing school, classify your course types, control all subscriptions, evaluate your students, etc. Because the Sailing School at EasyPier is fully integrated with the invoicing module, you will be able to generate all fees automatically every month (for example, the system is flexible for any period of time) according to your personalized rates, either by block or individually for special customers.

  • Invoicing Invoicing and collections

    The powerful and flexible invoicing system adapts to your needs. Manage rates in ANY way you want, invoice per squared meters, length, type of slip… EasyPier handles any type of port taxes, periodical fees, customer types, etc. FULL CONTROL of your invoicing.

  • Payments Invoicing and collections

    The “collections" module allows total or partial payments of an invoice, credit types or advance payments, deposits, etc. EasyPier automatically generates a file for bank direct debits and also ALL records for your accounting systems.

  • Cash desk Invoicing and collections

    Take control of your cash, multiple cash agents, shifts, payment methods, currencies exchange… by different concepts (invoice collections, deposits, advanced payments, etc.) are some of the options to always keep your cash under control. A single click shows how much a customer is owing the Marina at any given time. This module also integrates with your accounting system, creating automatically all payment or debt collection records.

  • Reports: figures and charts Reporting

    You can run whatever kind of report (listings, summaries, charts, etc) you can think of. Microsoft’s flexible Report System works dynamically with ALL the data in the system for powerful Marina Management analysis. And if you'd rather work with your office tools, you will be able to export any report to Excel, Word or .PDF. Create, complete, print or add whatever information you need.

  • User roles Security

    Optionally you will be able to create different profiles or user roles, so Marina Management assures that each role will only have access to the information required. This avoids mistakes and prevents improper access.

  • Users Security

    Create all the users you need (without limitations for number of users) and apply one or several roles to grant permissions needed to each user according to job descriptions.

  • Tailor made Customizations

    EasyPier is STRONG when it comes to updates and avoids multiple versions in its core functionalities, thus avoiding errors when you benefit from NEW FREE upgrades to the system. Whatever you might need as an extra feature is developed depending on the version of choice. As customized developments, choose your preferred control access integration, connection to water and electricity meters, your own web portal, Members’ website...